Service Introduction: Group Lesson

- Our instructors are talented and responsible Ivy League school students.
- Get a $50 discount by referring a friend to iLearn World (Note: Students who organize 2- or 3-student Group Lessons do not apply).

Students are welcome to invite friend(s) to form a 2-, 3- or 5-student group.

English Writing, Creative Writing, Debate, Life Coaching, AMC8, or AMC10
50 minutes/session. For each session, the student will be given an assignment related to the training subject. Students should finish and submit the homework a day before the lesson.

5-Student Group Lesson: $300/10 sessions (3 months) (90 minutes per lesson) *
3-Student Group Lesson: $300/10 sessions (3 months) (50 minutes per lesson)
2-Student Group Lesson: $375/10 sessions (3 months) (50 minutes per lesson)

Summer Camp (90 minutes/session)
5-Student Group Lesson: $300/10 sessions (2 weeks or 5 weeks) *

Computer Programming with Java
90 minutes/session. Hands on experience in Java programming. This Group Lesson will be helpful for students planning to take AP Computer Science A exam.
5-Student Group Lesson: $800/20 sessions (6 months)

A $100 discount will be given to students who invite 4 friends to join a group lesson.

* If only 2 or 3 students register, we will start the Group Lesson with 50 minutes per lesson.

Find Group Lessons by Grade

1. Click "Student Login/Sign up" button on iLearn World home page, sign up or sign in if you already have an account. This will bring you to the "Menu" page.
2. Click the "Sign up for One-to-one Training or Group Lesson" link. This will bring you to the "Sign Up for Services" page.
3. Select the group lesson and/or other service you would like to purchase, and make a payment.
4. A notification with information about the lesson time and Zoom test will be sent to you a week before the group lesson starts.

1. Find 1, 2, or 4 friends.
2. Find out a start date and a weekly time that works for all of you.
3. Login to the iLearn World website, then click the link "Start a Private Group Lesson with Friends" and then follow the instructions.

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